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Jason Carter
(Nyingbu Wangdue.Sensei)

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Jason Carter

Community Producer / Instructor

Urban Self Defense

(A RogersTV Production)

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Community Producer and Instructor Jason Carter of Usafe Solutions and Host Mike Arsenault show viewers how they can take active role in their own self-protection and safely remove themselves from real-life situations.

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2013, Self Defense Expert
of the Year

Shinja Martial Arts University, Hall of Honours

2013, Dr. Vernon C. F. Bell - Hanshi "Spirit and Leadership Award"
European Jujitsu Union

2009, Master Instructor
of the Year for Canada

World Head of Family Soke Council, Hall of Fame

2007, Award of Honor
European Jujutsu Union







Nyingbulam is a Canadian martial arts system established by Jason Carter in 2001. Jason Carter started his martial arts training in 1982 in Black dragon Kung fu and then transitioned to Judo taught by Ron McKay during 1985-86.
(deceased; Ron was mayor of Clinton Ont, the Principal at many local schools and a hockey coach). In 1996 Jason started training in Shotokan Karate and Nihon Jutsu under Sensei Lance Anderson and Sensei Stephen Lonsdale. (Both were awarded Black Belt certification from renowned teacher the late Sensei Kim-Hooi Wong (Shotokan Karate Association of Malaysia). Sensei Lonsdale also received his Black Belt certification, (Shodan) from Nidai Soke Ryuho Okuyama in Hakkoryu and then continued his study under Menkyo Kaiden Shihan Michael J. LaMonica who he received his Sandan certification from. He also holds Black Belt certification (Shodan) in Nihon Goshin Jutsu – Professor Richard Morris’s Syllabus).

In 1999 Jason received his Black Belt certification (Shodan) in Shotokan Karate and Seishindo (Nihon Jujitsu) from Sensei Lance Anderson& Sensei (Soke) Stephen Lonsdale. Jason continued his studies under both of these men and eventually received his Nidan in 2002, Sandan in 2004 in both Shotokan Karate and Seishindo. And in 2006 after 10+ years of martial study Jason received his Yondan and the title of Shihan in the art of Seishindo.

Shodai Soke Stephen Lansdale ~ Kyoshi Jason Carter ~ Nidai Soke Lance Anderson

The art of Nyingbulam grew out of group of seminars and classes taught in Clinton Ont. in 2001/02. These classes at that time were called JiyuYoshikido and consisted of a combination of the heavy strikes of Shotokan and the rugged joint locks and throws of Nihon Jutsu. Then in 2002 Jason’s life changed when he started to study under Karma Yeshe Wangpo of Nyingje Companions in Tibetan Kaygu Linage Buddhism.
(Karma Yeshe Wangpo, B.A., M.Ed is a retired Tibetan Buddhist monk of the Karma Kagyu lineage, and a student of the Very Venerable Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche). Jason continued to train under his guidance until Karma Yeshe moved back to Nova Scotia where he was originally from in 2006. Jason continues to keep in touch with Karma Yeshe and still considers him as “his spiritual catalyst”. This was the third piece of the puzzle that Jason was missing in his martial/spiritual training and was the catalyst needed to transform JiyuYoshikido in what would become the harmonious art of Nyingbulam.

The Japanese based self defense art of Nyingbulam is an eclectic sampling of ancient and modern techniques of self defense as they were developed in Japan. The martial techniques primarily consist of striking, throwing, joint locking and chocking techniques. It is a hard style of JuJitsu which means it uses hard punching, kicking and limb trapping skills to distract an attacker allowing the defender to unbalance the attacker by throwing him to the ground using one of the many throws or sweeps taught in the syllabus. Once the attacker is unbalanced a painful joint lock can be applied to control him or he can be rendered ineffective by having the joint dislocated or broken. Other options include further striking techniques, choking into submission or disengagement.

This martial side is deeply blended with a path of practice and spiritual development which leads to insight into the true nature of reality. These practices such as meditation and mindfulness practise are means of changing oneself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. The tenets of Nyingbulam’s spiritual practise and teachings are straightforward and practical, nothing is fixed or permanent; actions have consequences; change is possible. It teaches students practical methods which enable them to realise and use its teachings in order to transform their experience, to be fully responsible for their lives, their safety and the safety of others around them.

Since the inception of Nyingbulam Jason has conducted seminars and classes across North America and Europe teaching his “Enlightened Combat” to martial artists and frontline professionals. In 2011 & 2012 he was able to engage with even more people by the means of his Rogers TV Show “Urban Self Defense”. It was through this show that he was able to get people involved and thinking about their personal safety at home and at work. In 2012 he was the invited guest “Key Note” speaker for the city of London’s 18th. annual “Empowerment and Action Day”, hosted by London Accessibility Advisory Committee. Where he had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of event guests about “Getting out in your community; what you need to know to stay safe.” These opportunities to inform and educate came in many forms. Over the years he has had written articles published in several martial arts magazines and has appeared on RogersTV “Day Time” Show, AccessAbility TV and spoke about student safety on 106.9 FM - The “X” Radio.

Sensei Carter is still active in the teaching of Nyingbulam to students and affiliated clubs across Ontario and beyond. Twice a year he holds a sangha (Nyingje Jujitsu Sangha) gathering of Nyingbulam affiliated clubs where students and enthusiast come together grow friendships, train and to be graded within the art.



Sensei Jason Carter can be contacted @:

PO Box 191
Newbury, ON


Martial Arts Degrees & Titles

Sokeship (Founder) Nyingbulam
Presented by: Shinja Masters & Headmasters Council

8th Degree Black Belt – Nyingbulam Jujutsu
Presented by: European Jujitsu Jujutsu Union

4th Degree Black Belt – Seishindo
Under Soke Stephen Lonsdale / Shihan Lance Anderson

3rd Degree Black Belt – Shotokan Karate
Under Shihan Lance Anderson

Kyoshi - Bu Jutsu
Presented by: European Jujitsu Jujutsu Union

Shihan - Seishindo
Presented by: Seishindo Kai

(Hon. Doctor of Martial Arts Science)
Presented by: Shinja Martial Arts University - Masters College of Martial Arts


Registered Member
Canadian Jiu jitsu Council

Canadian Representative
European Jujitsu / Jujutsu Union (Spain)

Canadian Representative
International Bujutsu Federation (France)

Canadian Representative
The Samurai Portuguese Association
(Associação Portuguesa O Samurai)

Soke Council
Board of Directors - Canada

Wakazamurai World Martial Arts Association

Canadian Coordinator
World Organisation of Self Defense

Life Time Member
World Organiser of Martial Arts (WOMA)

Registered Member
Police & Military Combat Close Quarter Association

 “Who’s Who in the Martial Arts”
World Head of Society

Former Security/Health & Safety Director
Home Base Business Association of St. Thomas/Elgin


General Session “Key Note” Speaker
Getting out in your community;
what you need to know to stay safe.

18th. Annual Empowerment and Action Day;
Active Living for Persons with Disabilities
2012 - London Accessibility Advisory Committee

Guest Speaker *Interactive Sessions
Self-defense for persons with a disability * Workshop

Urban Self Defense
Season 2 – Community Producer & Star, Rogers TV, 2012

“Daytime”, London "Safety Week"
Rogers TV, 2012

AccessAbility, TV
Special Guest “People with Disabilities Safety”
Rogers TV, 2011

Urban Self Defense
Season 1 – Community Producer & Star, Rogers TV, 2011

106.9 FM - The “X” Radio
Special Guest “Campus Safety”, 2010

GET FIT with JUJITSU, 2009
Rogers “Daytime” TV, London

Hall of Fame Inductee, 2009
Rogers “Local” TV, London