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Jason Carter
"Making Work & Life Safe"

Jason Carter is a safety professional in the ever evolving field of personal / occupational Safety specializing in threat and crisis management. It is in this field where the study of personal and occupational violence and harassment its effects, its precursors and the reduction and or removal of it is studied and taught in order to create safer professional business practices, cultures and lifestyles.

Jason has dedicated his career to the safety and protection of human life. From the design and manufacturing of advanced composite “IEDMPK” - IED and Mine Protection Kit systems which kept military personal safe to workplace violence and harassment training. Through his training studio, seminars and his TV show Urban Self Defense he has instilled defensive skills and a safer lifestyle to career professionals and the general public throughout Canada, United States and Europe.





Urban Self Defense
(From the official Urban Self Defense RogersTV London web page)

Community Producer and Instructor Jason Carter of Snow Lion Jujitsu Academy / Usafe Solutions and Host Mike Arsenault show viewers how they can take active role in their own self-protection and safely remove themselves from real-life situations.

“I believe that everyone has the right to be free from violence and harassment, but with this comes the realization that we must take an active role in making this happen.”

Jason Carter, Community Producer and Instructor - Urban Self Defense (USD)

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Urban Self Defense



Urban Self Defense

Urban Self Defense is the creation of Jason Carter, his vision was to bring the public a TV show that would assist them in taking an active role in their own personal safety through real life situations and modern information.  In June 2011 this was brought to life with the assistance of Bob Smith (RogersTV London Station Manger) and Rogers Communication. Season one which consisted of eight, 30 minute episodes aired September 2011 in London, St Thomas and Strathroy Ontario on RogersTV channel 13. Upon its release it quickly became one of the top watched shows on RogersTV London. It was with that, Jason and Bob decided to produce season two of Urban Self Defense for the London area view audience. With a larger production crew and returning assistant producer Tim O’Neill season two quickly surpassed season one in production and entertainment value with the filming of six more 30 minute episodes which were first aired in September 2012.

Urban Self Defense,
RogersTV Channel 13 London

 Show Cast:

Instructor / Star - Jason Carter
(Owner, Usafe Solutions / Owner, Chief Instructor, Snow Lion Jujitsu Academy)

Bad Guy - Kevin Ball
(Nyingbulam Jujitsu Black Belt)

Host - Mike Arsenault
(Book author & retired London Majors baseball pitcher)

Special Guests:

Chris “The Menace” Clements
(UFC Welterweight Fighter)
Se2 Ep5

Maureen Mattis
(Mike’s Grandma)
Se1 Ep8

Kimber Bogema
(community producer of AccessAbility, RogersTV)
Se1 Ep8


Pawel Fijal
Tammy Heisel
Colin Szemenyei
Patrick Briggs
Kaitlin Lee
Jordan Nodwell
Cole Ducharme
Keith Ducharme
Nathan Carter

Production Team:

Bob Smith - Station Manager
Jeremy Cook - Supervising Producer
Tim O’Neill - Associate Producer
Jason Carter - Community Producer

Pawel Fijal - Camera Operator
Elijah Agathos - Camera Operator

Sponsorship Sales

Paul Bouchard

Urban Self Defense
Season One

Urban Self Defense
Season Two

“Urban Self Defense”

Network: Rogers Communications
Location(s): London ON, St Thomas ON, Strathroy ON
Community Producer and Instructor: Jason Carter (Kyoshi, Shihan, Soke)

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